Kira loves Office 365, pass it on.

As an increasing number of organisations move into the cloud, it’s becoming more important than ever to make sure your digital workplace aligns with the roadmap of its underlying platform.

In a Microsoft cloud approach, that means making sure your intranet provider keeps on top of any changes to Office 365.

When intranets were hosted on-premises, you could choose when to upgrade your software – or whether to bother upgrading at all. Updates now come frequently, and often without much warning.That’s undoubtedly a good thing: instant security patches mean your digital workplace is protected against threats, and new features can be activated that provide for better ways of working.

But software that depends on the platform may break, or not give you access the latest functionality.

For example, if your intranet platform isn’t closely aligned to the Office 365 roadmap, it may be six months – or longer – before you can enjoy features that more progressive products received on day one.

Customers of products that aren’t roadmap-aligned find themselves left the lurch.

At CompanyNet, we’re proud that our products are exceptionally closely-aligned with Microsoft’s roadmaps for Office 365 and Azure.

That means organisations who build their digital workplace around our Kira intranet can get new features quickly – often on the first day of general availability.


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